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I'm just a cat, rping and reblogging

I have fandomless ocs and homestucks and I'm trying to branch out from those a bit. I also love Kimetsu no Yaiba and anything involving youkai or vampires!

Character bios


Here's all the icons I've made for my fantroll list!

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late night doodle posting

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please delete ableism so bee get better

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reblog to delete ableism

I made this for a header for my Twitter and Tumblr!

Resident fuck boy has prettier eyelashes than you

Mitz Color Palette

Aaah this was so fun! At first I was wondering how I'd make these colors fit her but I think it worked! And yeah I had her take her jacket off because I could haha and I wanted to. She's bouncing off a wall while running cuz action babey yeah

Color palette prompt by @/colorpalettesgalore on tumblr over here

Kozuka in the form of a sword handle with menuki in the form of a dragon
Edo period
early to mid-19th century

MEDIUM/TECHNIQUEMain material: shibuichi; surface treatment: worked to resemble same (rayskin); other metals: gold; decorative technique: takabori

New SweetMeat Bod

Gonna dye my hair navy black and speak only in backwards riddles

A commision I did for @alathe

It's a full body of this girl I previously designed for stickers and stuff. <:

the second half of a recent batch of trades I've done via discord!

You were in the dark a long time

Commissions are open!

My girl Danny who has desperately needed art since I designed her a while back. Very toll fluffy dragon woman

A small art drop

kitkatz84 -

Art Giveaway Prize

2nd place: @timeskip

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Wow!!! thank you so much, this is great :DDD

pinkwitchpunk asked:

for the art meme!

🐝-Dragonfly wings

🍓-Short pointy ears

🗡️-Weilds daggers

👑-include a crown

👩-long hair

katiebirdie -

here she is! i tried using the emojis' colors in her design, which certainly gave it a candy vibe. is that good? bad? who knows! she's designed.

Flame and Dagger

An oldie but a goodie.

Maes. I would really like to color and add a background to this.

Yat Vantir, or Vantirya for short. they're a wandering plague-eating glider and a redesigned version of an incredibly old OC, who honestly deserves more of my love than they've gotten

K/DA SKY - 2020

I don't think I've ever made a complete piece for KDA Sky, but here it is!

Here's the WIP

Sky - Doodle session

Just working with multiple/colour dodge layers. Was good fun :D

Need to work on face structures though...

Izuru Kamukura, 2015-2020

A redraw of an old izuru pic i made around 5 or so years ago that im still really fond of

Bounty Hunter Hangout! Featuring Izzy who just wants to see how long until she's caught. This is a biggun...

(This was another image voted on by my Patreons!)

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