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I'm just a cat, rping and reblogging

I have fandomless ocs and homestucks and I'm trying to branch out from those a bit. I also love Kimetsu no Yaiba and anything involving youkai or vampires!

Character bios

bullroar!! aka what reed would look like if he became a hero like his sister. probably won't be a canon thing, but it was fun to design!

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It's always a pleasure to see your posts! I think you're pretty cool.


another patreon reward! ♥


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i just think you're neat


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People: Name 2 important people in your life.

My husband for obvious reasons, and my best friend going back all the way to high school.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 6

One more page after this. Then some revamping of a few older pieces. Nothing too big, just cleaning up some line art and paint edges. I better get this done soon because I have a short webtoon comic to thumbnail and draw. I feel a lot more prepared for it now that I've had this warm up.

phantomflame03 asked:

B- how many is too many balloons

However many the person can handle or however many it takes to make them lift off, whichever comes first

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Anonymously tell me how you feel about me. I can't reply, I just have to read it and post it.

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you are my fuckign s u n s h i n e

im in love with him

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A-Z Questions (taken from here)

A. Answer: Do you answer texts quickly?
B. Balloons: How many is "too many" balloons?
C. Call: Call a random person or friend. Tell them wonderful things.
D. Dislike: What are two things you dislike doing?
E. Earth: Do you like helping the environment?
F. Fun: What are four things you do for fun?
G. Gaming: What are some video games you have played?
H. Handwriting: Post a picture of your handwriting?
I. Internal: What are 5 things you like about yourself?
J. Joke: Tell us a joke.
K. Kid: What did you want to be when you were little?
L. Like: What are three things you like doing?
M. Making: When was the last time you crafted something?
N. News: Tell us 3 good things that have happened this week.
O. Okay: For those who are feeling down, tell them why it's going to be okay.
P. People: Name 2 important people in your life.
Q. Quiet: Do you enjoy a quiet or loud environment?
R. Reasons: Do you think there is a reason behind everything?
S. Sea: Do you like the beaches or the mountains?
T. Time: How do you spend your time these days?
U. Unconditional: What are 5 things that you search for in a partner?
V. Vacation: Where did you go last for vacation?
W. Weird: What are three weird things that you have noticed other people do?
X. XOXO: When was the last time you wrote a meaningful letter to someone?
Y. You: What are you doing tomorrow? What did you do today?
Z. Zero: What is something you don't have, but want?

Mermay 2020 Atempt

This as far as I went with the challenge because finals were coming right up at the same time! xD

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i dont often draw horses but i got a commission for one and then after doing it its become my favorite piece from the weekend. funny how that works!!

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hey, that's my skyrim husband

Fucking with the new activity/analytics dashboard for springwater subscribers, I quite like how it's coming laong so far.

The data categories here are a fraction of what'll be in at the end of it all, but there'll be some good stuff in there for helping you figure out what kind of stuff to post to maximise reach etc

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at some point some kind of little protomarsupial tried to go eat some delicious fruit and was bullied and, filled with the greatest possible case of sour grapes, decided it was going to instead only eat the poison-filled leaves of a tree that explodes sometimes

millions of years later their distant offspring now comfortably fills the ecological niche of being total fuckheads

*closes book titled the history of koalas*

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Drawing of my friends undertale OC/AU Gaster

Done for practice on my new tablet. I feel like I can finally paint again without it constantly disconnecting on me. O^O

The Library Faerie

The Library Faerie from Neopets 📚

I don't think I ever posted this anywhere--probably because I don't think it turned out very well--but here is a drawing I originally started for Inktober last year of my druid, Zel. I ended up getting bored of the ink and attempted to shade it. The shading turned out...Meh. I don't think there's enough contrast, so it just looks really flat. I probably should have colored it.

drew these last month!

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I did a summer/beach outfit for Fiah for an OC art fight over on twitter!

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Sylph - Art raffle prize

I reached 200 followers on twitter and celebrated with an art raffle.

The winner was @suicide_sylph

This is their OC

Brigantine off the Lee Shore--William Bradford, 1863

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Teacher in two (2) different universes!