Hi I'm Doomie or Teagan, take your pick. I'm over 30, an ace/pan demiguy (he/him or they/them), married, and felinekin (tho I don't want to get more specific than that outside friends), and recently discovered sirenkin (the original bird sort, not the subtype of merfolk).

I'm a Homestuck and have fantrolls, but I'm also in a lot of other smaller fandoms, and I'm writing my own stories. You can help me out a lot by reblogging my writing or buying me a ko-fi. I might rp on here now and then if there's any interest.

I don't mind if people under 18 follow this blog since I intend to keep it safe for work, but I do have an 18+ blog and minors found interacting with it will be blocked from all of my blogs as well as reported since you're breaking the TOS at that point.

DNI: general bigots, pedophiles or pedo supporters.