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I'm just a cat, rping and reblogging

I have fandomless ocs and homestucks and I'm trying to branch out from those a bit. I also love Kimetsu no Yaiba and anything involving youkai or vampires!

Character bios

At one point, I asked myself the following: “What if Nova Imperator. But dragon?”
This is the conclusion to such a thought.

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Konno Yuuki - Art raffle prize

I reached 100 followers on twitter and celebrated with an art raffle. The winner was @GrissMarkon

Persona 3 Fanart I drew the other day...... I miss them....

A gold oval slide locket with a sardonyx cameo of an early steamship, possibly belonged to wife of the captain. Ca. 1850

Rainbow Babe

Jade is one of my favorite characters from Homestuck so I had to draw her in a cute oufit <3

Outfit is from here! Feel free to send me requests :3

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herez a bigg cat juz 4 yall <3

send me ur fursonaz plz bc i dunno what 2 draw <3

Anonymously tell me how you feel about me. I can't reply, I just have to read it and post it.

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Hehehehee paintbrush goes brrrrr

Today's Thing! I sketched this like right before the quarantine started and its sadly still appropriate and relevant to post

Stubborn lioness and her big scary demon bf

Esprit is my comfort character because she's fun to draw!

Commissions are open!

oops! more nadia


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Did a bit of design tweaking on a chunky demon man for thehauntedbird @ twitter !

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To anyone who needs to hear this right now:

You are allowed to be negative sometimes.

You are allowed to feel hurt

You are allowed to be upset

You are allowed to have a bad moment, a bad day

You are allowed to let those horrible feelings run through you, drag you down, cripple you.

You are allowed to process the bad shit as well as the good, so that in the end you can come out the other side stronger for it all.

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I went through the folks I followed and unfollowed inactive blogs. I'll probably reblog this a few times but if you're active and do art, especially original characters, or are a D&D blog, or reblog anime stuff, reblog and I'll check your blog(s) out

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waterfall: you don't have to be good to yourself straight away, just try being neutral and encouraging


new icon maybe?

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Due to some circumstances, employees are now allowed to kill 2 customers a month if they have reasonable motivation

Lioness Adaliah who I have had for many years finally has full written lore now! which you can read here: