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I have fandomless ocs and homestucks and I'm trying to branch out from those a bit. I also love Kimetsu no Yaiba and anything involving youkai or vampires!

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phantomflame03 -

With as much as I hate horror movies I love horror characters/concepts

Ghosts? Possession? Werewolves? Vampires? Existential dread of knowing yourself?

Fantastic. Love that

Body horror? Jump scares? Suspense? Sexual violence? Gore?

No thank you

princeofdoom -

Putting my thoughts under a readmore because they got long.

Looking at early horror, I'm wondering if any of the bottom of the list outside maybe suspense IS necessary for horror, or if as a society we've become numb to horror without those elements.

I mean, it's a personal choice on my part but I view jump scares as cheap, and sexual violence certainly doesn't need to be thrown in at all. There are very few horror stories that involve sexual violence at all that I can say I've liked as an overall work, and none that I've thought were improved by it. So neither of those in my mind are good in horror let alone necessary or wanted.

I've also watched psychological horror that had little or no gore or body horror, and were very good. So outside of suspense as a buildup through the story, I don't think any of these are needed for horror to be effective.

That said, you also don't have to enjoy horror. Full stop. You can absolutely enjoy things that are found in horror as their own things, and not enjoy horror. Most of the things you mention at top could be in other genres without ANY actual horror elements included, or only vaguely aluded to. Fantasy is full of these things. Other speculative fiction certainly could be as well.

Maybe existential dread would be hard to include without things at least bending toward horror, but that might be another discussion.

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I really like this take because I have always thought that fantasy and horror touch in several points and is up to the author or the creator where to take things

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Putting my thoughts under a readmore because they got long.

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