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venting under cut, I don't have anywhere else to put this that doesn't feel like guilt tripping

Everyone: Oh! You're such a great writer.

Me when I had writing commissions: No one reblogs the commission post. Over several MONTHS get only two commissions from the same person. When I post the commissions, they don't reblog or even like either of them.

Everyone: Oh, you make jewelry? I'd love to get some but I don't have any money :(

Me: Makes a giveaway to celebrate reaching a milestone, for people to get some things for free. MAYBE three people reblog it and one of them doesn't count according to the rules.

So what I can take away from this is, everyone can gush about me being good at things but when it comes to getting even the tiniest amount of support (not even the money, the fact no one even fucking REBLOGS commission posts!), they won't do shit. And even giving things away doesn't get any attention. No one cares. No one sees me. It makes me feel like I should just disappear and even most of my closest friends are doing this so like what's with that?

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