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I have fandomless ocs and homestucks and I'm trying to branch out from those a bit. I also love Kimetsu no Yaiba and anything involving youkai or vampires!

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Not getting into specifics but on my part of the blue site, drama is going down and I am honestly in a position of "If I say what I honestly think, both sides will hate me."

Why am I NOT saying what I think so I can just get the fuck out of there and have good reason to never return? I don't know. But I'm just going to stay quiet because I am too tired for that shit.

Today on my end of the blue site: "I don't know how to explain that being awful because someone else was awful does not give you the moral highground."

I try to be that person who accepts that people might not like my favorite characters. Hell! Most of my favorites are at least a little problematic, so people probably have good reason not to like them. But I realized that, someone disliking one of my faves because of THEIR misconceptions about the character, not even things that are true or relevant to the actual character as written, hurts a lot more than if someone said "I don't like this character" and left it at that, or gave a reason that's legit from within the character's canon.